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Q&A – All inclusive Package 2021:


Q: What is included with the 6 hour Lief Jou Meer Package?
A: 6 Hours with 1 Photographer

Wedding preparations of bride and groom, Ceremony, Family Photos, Entourage Photos, Couple sessions and reception. Approx. 450+ digital photos delivered through a pass gallery.


 Q: Can I book any other services with the photographer? 

A: Any additional hours or serives can be booked directly:


Q: Does Lief Jou Meer have a portfolio we can view?
A: Go check our this link for the portfolio or go check out all Lief Jou Meer Social Media Pages:

Q: Do we need to add the photographer to our guest list? 

A: Yes. Please make room for 1 additional guest at your guest table. It is good etiquette to provide them with a seat and a meal. 


Q: What is a naked cake?

A: A naked cake is a unfrosted and exposed wedding cakes.

See image:

Q: We are more than 70 guests, will there be enough cake? 

A: We charge extra per person-over 70 guests. This fee includes a bigger wedding cake so that there is enough for everyone. 


Q: What flavor is the cake?

A: You can choose between Vanilla, Chocolate & Red Velvet. You can also make each layer a different flavor. 


Q: Can we do a cake tasting?

A: All cake tastings can be arranged with Motion Bakery directly:


Q: Do I have to pay for delivery additionally?

A: No, all vendors (included in this package) travel costs is already included.


Q: Who will be my makeup artist? 

A: We have two very reliable and talented makeup artist we partnered with. Depending on their availability, a makeup artist will be assigned to you.

We are working with Tash Studios & Unmissable Makeup. 


Q: What beauty related benefits is included in this package? 

A: Our assigned makeup artists will be doing a trial for the bride before the wedding day (at their offices or studio) and also on the day of the wedding (at the venue). The traveling fee is also already covered. 


Q: Can I book extra services with the makeup artist?

A: You are welcome to book extra makeup for your bridesmaids or mothers. You can also book the artist to do you hair. Any additional services can be arranged directly with the artist. 

Their traveling fee is already covered, so it will be beneficial to use the same artist for other services. 


Q: Is 8 hour enough for the DJ package?

A: Yes, for a ceremony starting at 16:00, the DJ will be playing music until 00:00. This included ceremony, canapés and reception. 


Q: How much is the DJ for additional hours?

A: The DJ has a overtime fee of R500 per hour. This fee needs to be paid, in cash, to the DJ directly on the evening of the wedding. (2021 prices) 


Q: What is included with the DJ package?

A: The DJ, The sound equipment, microphone, 4 x mood lights and dance lights. 


Q: Who is Zetties Daydreams? 

A: Zetties Daydreams is the venues in-house florist, run by the owner, Suzette Cilliers. Suzette is very creative and loves all pretty things. She is a self-taught florist and loves the smell of flowers. 


Q: Is the budget enough for flowers and décor? 

A: The budget is very limited, to keep the all inclusive package affordable. The allocated budget is sufficient for a basic and minimalistic set-up for 70 guests in the reception area and gorgeous décor in the chapel. If managed correctly, the budget will be enough for the bridal bouquet, bridesmaids boquette and boutonnières as well. Its important to remember the availability of a flower as well as the different prices of flowers during the year. A Peony will be much more expensive than a carnation, which will make your budget even more limited. You are however not limited to the allocated budget. Zetties Daydreams will provide you with a quote and any additional fees can be paid directly. 


Q: Do I have to pay for set-up fee?

A: No. Set-up is included. There is also no need to pay the venue for additional set-up hours, as the owner is the florist. 


Q: I don’t want the 12 week WJL nutrition and training program. Can I get discount? 

A: Unfortunately not. WJL Nutritrain is sponsoring his services to all the all-inclusive couples. He is doing this to build his own portfolio. Thus, there is no budget allocated for this service. 

This service is not compulsory to use. 


Q: We want to party longer than 7 hours. Can we pay an additional fee?

A: Our overtime fee is R2500 in the reception area and R1000 at the boma area. For both these options the bar will be closed. Remember the additional fee for the DJ (if requirred).

(2021 prices)

Q: What time is the bridal room and makeup room included for?

A: These rooms are included from 10:00 (check-in time) until the ceremony starts. 


Q; Can the bridal couple sleep in the bridal room?

A: Yes. We charge R1300 per night, for 2 guests and include a picnic breakfast. Check-out will be at 09:00. (2021 prices)


Q: What times are the man cave included for?
A: This room is included from 10:00 (check-in time) until the ceremony starts. 


Q; Can somebody sleep in the man cave on the night of the wedding?

A: Yes. We charge R1000 per night, for 2 guests, excl. breakfast. Check-out will be at 09:00(2021 prices).


Q: Do you have any other accommodation available?

A: We have Hercules Se Plek Farm House available on the property. The farm house sleeps 10 guests for R4500pn(2021 prices).


Q: Why is the breakage deposit non-refundable?

A: Over the past 3 years, we have seen that most weddings have approx. R3000 worth of damage, theft, unpaid bar tabs etc. Couples bargain on their breakage deposit after the wedding and then a lot of disagreement occurs when the deposit is not what they expected. We decided to make the breakage deposit an average amount and make it non-refundable. 


Q: We are more than 70 guests, what now? 
A: Additional guests is charged at R440 pp (2021 prices), for cake and catering. 

Please budget extra for their table decorations. 


Q: I have my own vendors. Can I use them?
A: You are welcome to use your own vendors. However, No vendor can by cancelled/replaced by client. Therefore, if you do not use the vendors provided, you forfeit the budget allocated to them. 


Q: What is the payment agreement?

A: The booking fee is R15 000. The rest of the invoice needs to be paid in full 30 days before the wedding. 

De La Mas will make all payments toward vendors according to the package. Any additional services you booked must be paid directly to the vendor involved. 


Q: I paid my deposit, now what? 

A: Send us your paperwork. Request(if not yet received) and send us the 2021 all inclusive package contract, signed on each page, with a copy of your ID. 


Q: When will the vendors be in contact with me?

A: Please allow us 1-2 working days to inform and organize the vendors involved. The vendors will be in contact with you asap. PLEASE do not contact them right away. De La Mas has to inform them firstly and confirm availability. 


Please do not hesitate to email us, should you have any other questions on any uncertainty. 

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